Friday, June 12, 2009

Memorial Weekend

I know its way past memorial weekend, but I forgot to post something about our 4th anniversary. Four years has really gone by fast. We got married May 28th in the Idaho Falls Temple. (We picked the 28th because 2 is my favorite number and 8 is Spencer's favorite many of you didn't know that right?) Anyways I married a wonderful man. He is thoughtful, caring, and loving. He is hard-working and a great provider for our family. He is a excellent father and husband.

I was looking back in my journal and I found his notes he wrote me during his proposal. One said, "Our life together will be a lot like this river. Most of the time it runs straight and smooth, but sometimes it can be rough and make sharp turns. But I know that if we continuously love each other then we can get through anything life throws at us." May life continue with the good and bad and may our love be endless and ever growing. I really appreciate all you do. Happy Anniversary. I love you Spencer!

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The Cooks said...

Wow....Congratulations on 4 years and Happy Anniversary!! (belated)