Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Baby LOVES Outside

I think this picture says it all:

With part of our tax return we updated the backyard a bit with window well covers and a playset for Ethan. Building the playset is quite the process though....

Sorting 3 boxes of wood and parts

Sorting the hardware

Ethan helping with "me turn" with the tools. He loves to help us.

Still hard at work. Sierra has been good to sit by and supervise.

The playset looking more like a playset. Still need to build the roof, rock wall, windows, and mini bar with two stools
Heres a few pictures of Ethan enjoying the progress
going down the slide
and swinging in his swing

He also likes to throw, dump, or roll his cars down the slide

Easter and Spring Break

So I forgot my camera on Easter sunday when we went to Grandma and Grandpa Cooks house for dinner and the first egg hunt so I tried to capture the "egg hunt" at our neighborhood egg hunt. However Ethan had to wait and wait and wait till the people in charge said "Go" so he lost interest and then when it was time he was just mad and grumpy. (It was around nap time too) Here's what I got:

Attempt two at the "egg hunt" went a little better. When we got home I put some of his eggs on our front yard and got a happier version of him. Next Easter I'll remember my camera the first time.

My sister, Kathryn and her kids came to visit for 4 days during their spring break. It was a quick but very fun visit. To see what we did check out her blog http://www.knatfam.blogspot.com/ because I once again forgot my camera. Thanks for coming and taking pictures Sis!