Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mount Borah

I hiked Mount Borah yesterday with Spencer's best friend Ryan and his wife Lacy. We got to the trail head at 6am and started hiking. It took us 6 hours to hike to the top and 4 1/2 to hike/run down. Mount Borah is Idaho's highest mountain at 12662 feet in elevation and we hiked about 5500 feet in elevation over 3.8 miles. It was a hard hike. I can say I never want to do it again. Once was enough and I am proud of my accomplishment. Spencer had a pistol shooting match and Ethan stayed with my sister-in-law, Jolene. Enjoy the pictures!

Me, Lacy, and Ryan at the beginning. Started hiking at 6am

Starting to get lighter

Along the trail as sun was rising

Still hiking up

Us before "Chicken out ridge"

Almost to the beginning of "chicken out ridge"

During "Chicken out ridge"

Looking back at the last part of "chicken out ridge"

Other side, pass "chicken out ridge"

All the hikers behind us still on "chicken out ridge". There were lots of people hiking this day.

Made it to the top!

All of us at the top

View from the top

View of the top. We counted 40 people at the top with us.

More view from the top

Another view from the top

Crawling across the snow. It was slushy on the way back down. Some guy actually tried to run across it and fell 500 feet and broke his ankle. We didn't see it happen. Other hikers told us about it.

Hiking down. Lots of loose and sharp rock.

Hiking down some more

A cool looking tree along the way

We did it! taken after 10 1/2 hours of hiking