Monday, August 24, 2009


Ethan is walking more and more every day...
(this video is only 3 days after he took his first steps)

...and he's getting more and more vocal too!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I went visiting teaching this afternoon and Spencer told me Ethan took two steps while I was gone so of course I had to see for myself. After lots of encouragement and coercing he took 8 steps! Good Job Ethan!

Ethan and the Tower

Ethan loves to knock things over, especially blocks. Spencer would put him in the kitchen and then run back to the living room to see how tall he could build a tower before Ethan crawled in and knocked it over. It was pretty funny to watch.

Funny and Not So Funny

The funny: Nathan and Lisa's bellies are almost the same size.

The not so funny: Ethan tipped over a chair and it landed on my foot.

Wolf Creek Family Reunion

My side of the family got together at Wolf Creek in the Odgen, UT canyon. All 24 of us were together for a whole week. We did lots of activities including jet skiing, playing in the sand, tubing behind the jet skis, horse riding, gun shooting, family relays with water balloons and beach balls, swimming at the resort pool, playing games till the early morning hours, and crafts. It was a very fun week! Can't wait till next year.

We went to a Dinosaur Park on the way home. Ethan enjoying playing paleontologist while uncovering a fossil in the sand, playing on the dinosaur playground, and hanging onto the guide bars around the dinosaurs outside.

Last picture is all my parents grandchildren from left to right oldest to youngest... Kaylee (9), Kirsten (8), Kiera (7), Zach (6), Kassidy (6), Jessi (4), McKenna (4), Caleb (3), Tanner (2), and Ethan (1) plus another little boy coming in October