Monday, November 24, 2008

St Louis, Missouri

Ethan and I went to St Louis this last weekend for my brother's wedding. Chris and Melissa were married in the St Louis, Missouri Temple Saturday, November 22, 2008.

We left Wednesday and dropped Chris and Melissa at the SLC airport then spent the night at Kathryn's house in Springville. Kathryn, Ethan, and I flew out on Thursday afternoon. It was exciting because I surprised my parents and grandparents. They didn't know Ethan and I were coming to the wedding! I wish I had my camera to capture the surprise on mom's face. We surprised them at Joe's birthday dinner. He turned 10 on Thursday.

All my brothers and sisters were there. That is quite the accomplishment because they are from Washington, California, and Utah. We always do our best to make it to special occasions but there are so many of us that it makes it very difficult to get all of us together.

The family also visited our Great Aunt June. That is my dad's dad sister. She is in her 90's. (She's holding Ethan in the picture below) Ethan, David, Joe, Grandparents Gale, and I ate lunch with her when the rest of the gang went to Melissa's endowment session.

Before we caught our planes on Sunday, Lisa, MJ, Kathryn, Ethan, and I went to see the St Louis Archway. It was huge...630 feet up! There is an elevator to the top but we didn't go up.

Over all it was a great trip. Fast, but fun! Ethan did great on the airplanes. Thanks to Kathryn for all your help. I don't think I could have done it without you!

Next trip is home on December 12th to go to the reception in Washington. Let's hope the weather is good and Ethan will be good for the long drive home!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Roll Over

Ethan started rolling over yesterday. Usually during Tummy Time he gets frustrated and starts to grunt so I've been helping him roll over onto his back, but he finally did it on his own yesterday. In fact he did it 4 times in a row! Hurray! I guess now I have to be more careful because it won't be long before he's rolling front to back and back to front.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So after all the costumes....Ethan was a bumblebee. Spencer had to work on Halloween night so Ethan and I hung out with Aunt Hilary, cousin Kyleigh, Toni, and Rick. The girls and Ethan tried to go to a halloween party, but it was way too crowded so instead we went to a park by the falls and took some pictures. Later we went to Grandparent Cook's house and watched "Hocus Pocus." Nothing too adventurous for his first Halloween. Next year we'll try trick or treating.

Grandpa Cook, cousin Kyleigh, Ethan

Grandma Cook, Ethan, cousin Kyleigh

Ethan and cousin Kyleigh
Aunt Hilary and cousin Kyleigh
Ethan and Mom