Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family Reunion Continued

Here are the pictures I said I'd include from the Wells Family Reunion that was on August 9th:

My Siblings and Their Spouses

The Whole Gale Family

Who's Who?

I took a trip down memory lane and found some baby pictures of Spencer and me. I was amazed at some of the similarities that Ethan has to both of us. What do you think?

Monday, August 25, 2008


Poor kid...look what happens when I work an overtime! Wasn't here to defend him!

Dress Up

Okay, I know Halloween is not for a couple more months, but hey I decided we'd play dress up anyways. So tell me what you think he should be for Halloween. He might have to grow into a few of them first :)

A bee?

A bear?

A tiger?
A frog?
A duck?

A baseball player?

After we were done playing dress up Ethan had had enough...

and he took his afternoon nap.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Blessing Day

Wow! Did we have a busy weekend or what? First, we had a Wells family reunion at Esquire Park on Saturday. That's my mother's side. It went well and the weather was nice. Only down side was there were these tiny black bugs that were everywhere. They didn't bite, but it was still gross. (I'll include pictures from this event later :)

Ethan was blessed Sunday, August 10th.

No crying and no pooping noises. Hurray! That was one thing I was afraid of, that he would have a mass explosion in his pants during the blessing and the whole church would hear it in the microphone. Thank goodness that didn't happen!

We had 54 family members at the blessing. We took up 4 big rows in the chapel. It was great to have everyone there! Thanks again for everyone coming and supporting us on this special day.

After the blessing we had a little get together. We ate sloppy joes, pasta salad, potato salad, green salad, veggies, fruit, and chips. It was all delicious!

Here's some more pictures of the event:

Grandpa and Grandma Gale (Corinne's grandparents) with Ethan

Bryan (Spencer's brother), Hilary, and Kyleigh Cook

Joseph Gale (Corinne's youngest brother) and nieces, Kaylee and Kiera Gale

Jolene (Spencer's sister in law), Alexah, Mariah, Jayce, and Savannah Cook.
Sorry Jeremy I didn't get you in this picture

Kathryn Stitt (Corinne's oldest sister), her sons Calob and Zack, and nieces Kassidy Gale, Kirsten Stitt, Jessi Macias, and Kiera Gale

Corinne's Aunt Joan Gale, Jacob Neitzel, Heather Neitzel (cousin), Savannah Neitzel, and Uncle Roy Gale

Corinne's Family: Mike and Dorothy Gale, Lisa and MJ Macias, Chris Gale and Melissa (Corinne's soon to be sister in law!), and David Gale

Glenna Gale (Corinne's mother), Grandma and Grandpa Gale, Donald Gale (Corinne's father), and Uncle Roy Gale

Rick and Toni Cook (Spencer's parents), Spencer, Ethan, Aunt Gloria Gale, Grandma Stella (Spencer's grandma)

Toni Cook, Ethan Cook, Kyleigh Cook, Hilary Cook

They were trying to compare sizes of hands, feet, and overall length.
Ethan is 6 weeks. Kyleigh is 6 1/2 months.

And after all the fun this busy weekend....Ethan still had a smile on his face!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ethan's Play Time

Well it's been a few weeks and people have been asking for more pictures so here you go:

Ethan is now 5 weeks old and is more interactive. He likes to look at himself in the mirror and sometimes he will smile when you talk to him. He also loves to watch things that move or make noise. He plays on his "Baby Einstein Activity Mat" daily. It comes with 8 different toys. One of which is a musical sun that lights up and plays classic music.

He also likes to lay in his crib and watch his mobile go around. He gets so excited. It amazes me that he can focus on one bear all the way around at this age!

In our profile Spencer forgot to mention our fourth family member, Sierra. She is a goldendoodle. That's a golden retriever and standard poodle mix. Spencer gave her to me for Christmas. She is now 9 months old and can be a handful at times, but we love her. She is a smart dog. She knows "sit", "shake or give me five", "go get it", and "off". We're still working on "stay" and "drop it". She likes to play fetch and go for walks :) She also likes to dig holes and chew on bark in the backyard :( She got her first haircut last week and actually did well at the groomers which suprises me because she's not so good when I try to brush her myself.