Monday, August 25, 2008

Dress Up

Okay, I know Halloween is not for a couple more months, but hey I decided we'd play dress up anyways. So tell me what you think he should be for Halloween. He might have to grow into a few of them first :)

A bee?

A bear?

A tiger?
A frog?
A duck?

A baseball player?

After we were done playing dress up Ethan had had enough...

and he took his afternoon nap.


dots said...

My vote is for the bear of the frog...whatever will keep him warm the most I suppose...but they are all very cute!!

The Cooks said...

How do you have so many cute costumes! It's a tough choice - they are all so cute. I love the Tiger and Bee and Baseball outfits. Sorry, didn't narrow it down much for ya ;)

Cook Family said...

He is the sweetest, cutest, little cutie guy! He will be darling which ever of the 800 costumes you decide on! Spencers comment was hilarious!

Lisa said...

I vote the baseball player or the bee. I also want to know how you got so many costumes?

kelly said...

No question. The tiger. SO cute!