Friday, June 25, 2010

2 year Stats

Ethan had his two year appointment today. His new stats are 23lbs 4 oz (5 percentile) He doubled his percentile but this is because at 2 years the kid is weighed with his clothes on verses only a diaper on. Height 33 1/2 inches (35 percentile) and head is 25 percentile.

The doctor said he's growing fine and FINALLY said not to worry about his weight! Hurray no more stress. No more monthly weight checks! She finally admitted that he is just going to be a small kid like his parents. I knew this all along but it was a relief to finally hear the doctor say his weight is fine.

Other news...Ethan starting a barky cough this we go again. As if we haven't been sick enough lately! Doctor said his throat was a little red but only a virus so no medicine could help; doesn't look like strep and if he starts wheezing they will give him steroid again for croup.

Tomorrow Ethan turns two and its going to be a low key birthday party because I'm still sick and tired. Out for pizza with Spencer's brothers and their families and then cake, ice cream, and presents at our house afterwards. Maybe next year we'll invite friends and do a little party.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

David's Graduation

The beginning on June we went home to WA to attend my little brother's high school graduation. Congrats David! You did it! We stayed a couple days afterwards and had fun with all the family. Spencer, Ethan, and I all had colds but we enjoyed playing and hanging out with all the cousins and siblings. Sorry I didn't take any more pictures. We did get professional family picture done. Here's the whole gang.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And it begins...

Spencer recently bought a paintball gun and Ethan wanted a turn.
Here's the result:
Notice Ethan's pulling the trigger and he has a big smile!

There was orange paint on the back fence,
but I guess the camera didn't get it.
Boys will be boys.