Friday, June 12, 2009

To Grandma's House We Go

While Spencer spent the first week of June in New Mexico for work I went to Washington to visit my family. Kathryn and her kids: Kristen, Zachary and Caleb came too. Oh and Sierra my dog as well. Needless to say it was a packed van.

The trip took 10 hours both ways. This wasn't bad considering Ethan and Sierra had never had such a long car ride (The most Ethan had been in the car was a trip to Utah..3 1/2 hrs.. and Sierra only got trips to the vet in the car...10 mins) So the ride went well.

We spent a week and a half at home. It was really fun and really crazy at times too. After school we added four more kids to the mix (my brother Joe and nieces Kaylee, Kiera, and Kassidy) That's 8 kids under the age of 10! Regardless of the noise level everyone had fun playing together. We went to local parks, went for walks with the dogs (my parents have a dog too), played in the backyard, watched plays and puppet shows the kids put on, had a slumber party in the basement, visited with high school friends, visited my grandparents, etc. Ethan really enjoying all his cousins and learned a lot too.

Not too long before we left Ethan started crawling. Coming back home to Idaho he now can climb the stairs (not by himself), pull himself to stand while holding onto furniture, cruise along the furniture, and push toys across the floor whether crawling or walking behind them. He also got his third tooth while in Washington. Spencer was really surprised at all his changes! Our little boy is growing so fast now...I'm starting to miss the "laying happily content on the floor kicking his legs" stage but I'm happy for is progress as well.

Here's some videos and pictures from the trip. Kathryn passed them along because I forgot my camera. Oops!


The Cooks said...

It looks like you had a great visit...and that car looked pretty packed :) I'm glad they did well for you on the drive. I can't wait to see Ethan's progress too.

dots said...

Sorry to have missed you...hopefully my girls didn't make it too crazy or regretable...