Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crawling For Real

Yesterday Ethan crawled two steps (I guess that's what you call them) then today Spencer was playing with him while I made dinner and Ethan crawled for Spencer's phone and then the camera. I shouldn't be surprised because I knew he liked electronics. I guess he finally got motivated enough to crawl for it rather than just scream for it. Hurray! Ethan is crawling! (I know I'll regret this accomplishment in a few days...he's going to be into everything!)


Lisa said...

So cute! I think my son learned to crawl on that very same floor for the first time. Life has made another change forever in your house. Congrats!

Lori said...

Ethan is so cute! Yes he'll be in to everything, but it will be so much fun!

Leserlee said...

Hooray!!! Can't wait for church on Sunday. And just wait until he starts pulling up on furniture.