Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A New Playroom

I moved the computer desk and bed out of the spare bedroom and made it into a playroom for Ethan. This way he can play and I don't have to constantly clean up the toys. I can just shut the door to hide the mess if I like. So much better!

I built Ethan a fort out of the alphabet blocks one day. He liked pushing all the letters out and then pushing the wall/door out too.

Spencer climbed in too and showed Ethan a new "door" to crawl through. I think it was the letter "o"


Leserlee said...

All of a sudden, Spencer reminds me of the neighbor, Wilson, on Home Improvement, where you never see his whole face. That fort looks like it was fun.

Lisa said...

I love it!!! I wish I had the extra room already, I'll have to wait another year ot two though. Enjoy it while you have the space:)

Kevin said...

Great idea! We've always had a toy room in each diff. house we've lived in - since Audrey was a baby and I love it!

Nettie! said...

Woops that last comment was me, Annette!