Monday, November 23, 2009

I think I'm crazy

I think I'm crazy because I just took Sierra for a walk around the neighborhood with Ethan in the Snugli (it's a baby carrier that I strap to me) The last time I put him in it was when he was only a couple months old now he's 17 months old and weighs a lot more! I'm going to feel it tomorrow! Great exercise though.

Oh and I forgot to mention why I put Ethan in the carrier...there was snow on the ground so the stroller wouldn't work. Bring on the snow!


Leserlee said...

You are crazy! Maybe you need a jogging stroller. I will sell mine to you. For $5. It has big wheels.

Lisa said...

Do you want a back pack carrier? I could send it home with Kat and then you could get it from her next time you see her.