Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Elk Hunt

Spencer went on his first hunting trip of the year this month with his brothers. They went near a place called Spencer, Idaho. Both Spencer and his brother Jeremy shot an elk with bow and arrows.

Spencer tells me it's very unusual to shoot one with a bow and arrow and especially to get two in one trip. Congrats and good job guys! Too bad this doesn't mean the end of hunting though.

Spencer brought back the hind quarters and the back tenderloins. He's skining the hindquarters below.

We cut the meat into pot roast, steaks, and stew meat. It took like 3 hours and that was only one leg! We also are having some jerky made at Glenwood. I'll let you all know how it tastes when we get it back.

While we did this Ethan just laid in his glider and fell asleep. In 12 years he can join in the fun!


dots said...

I am SO GLAD that Michael isn't into hunting! ACK!!!

Cook Family said...

What a good baby--cute picture! About the hunting part-- all I can say is yah, I'm living the same life you are!